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Industrial Chemical

The offered Cleaning and Degreasing Chemical range is solvent-based for the surface of electrical, plastic, and mechanical components. This range is completely harmless to the human body because it is 100% solvent- and alkali-free. It is created utilizing high-tech tools and chemicals that are thoroughly tested to meet certain industry standards. Cleaning and Degreasing Chemical marketed by J K ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY is applied to severe greasy stains on soiled and painted surfaces while eliminating the usage of perchloroethylene trichloroethylene, and benzene to safeguard the user and the environment. Many of our clientele praise its smoothness and overall functionality.
The Descaling Fluid Chemical is used as a degreaser, emulsifier, and cleaner. It is capable of cleaning grease, oil, and soil from equipment, machinery, and driveways, as well as several other places where such a heavy-duty cleaner is needed. This chemical is multi-purpose and may be used on various surfaces, and it is also suitable for delicate surfaces. Besides, it effectively cleans iron, concrete, steel, rubber, aluminum, glass, and most plastics and synthetic textiles. Our most notable clients may find this Descaling Fluid Chemical range at the most competitive costs in the industry. It destroys 99.9% of scales easily and safely. This chemical is known for being powerful, long-lasting, and made of strong chemicals.
The offered Disinfection and Railways Care Cleaning Chemical range is carried out using the cleaning chemical. Our consumers appreciate its reliability and toughness, and our lab is carefully kept and equipped with experts to do this task. The Disinfection and Railways Care Cleaning Chemical included in this range can dissolve dry, hard concrete in any area. Made with high-quality fundamental materials, it is tailored to the recognized specifications of the company. It is created from the best-quality chemical substances and advanced machinery, which follow the industry's strict criteria. The customers can reach out to us and share their personalized requirements with us.
Dust Suppressant Cleaning Chemical, which has a 50-micron median particle size. Laboratory instruments, dishes, tiles, and floors must be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate all the dust. We use top-of-the-line chemical substances to produce the offered chemical at our modern processing equipment. For clients, this is offered in a variety of packaging solutions to meet their needs. The offered Dust Suppressant Cleaning Chemical is environmentally friendly and includes a well-blended formula, which helps to clean evaporator and air handler coils, as well as air-conditioning condenser fins and radiators. Our highly skilled staff supervises the processing.

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